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Programmer / indie games developer from the UK.

Eddy Larkin @Paranoia

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D: Your game's creativity deserves the daily feature way more than Little Fighters Alpha

That's why timing your way into the Portal is really important.
Quite a shame, actually, why it has to happen like that.

I did quite like your game, so I was sad to see it only get second.

Not to take any glory away from MaxR and AnzRage, who I'm sure made a good animation...

believe me when i say getting dailyfeature / frontpage is not a fun thing to have

it really isnt.

so many hundreds of dumb meaningless reviews
so many PMs
so many AIM messages

its like the whole internet has shown up on your pc screen to holler "Y HALO THAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's why you need a bunch of friends to upvote, and downvote your opponents, everyone does it, the question is who can do it the best. After the day scores will gravitate to what they actually should be.

Wow, that was a very impressive game. Well done.

2nd is still good,think of all the movies that people have submited,your movie got a better score than 140 people.

Hey i have the same problem too. I know how you feel. :P

you're doing just fine! don't worry about it. it'll come.

That's right, you won't. Give up now and bow before my obvious superiority.

hmm its maybe because you are british lol xD

no its cool.. it will come... just needs time xD

Practice makes perfect. Timing and luck don't hurt either.

Its all about timing, I got daily second with 4.47
*Shakes fist at pandemic 2*

But dont' worry about it, its not the winning that matters, its the taking part...and the winning.

I thought Inquisitive Dave was fantastic. You should have gotten a Daily Feature for that.

Don't think that you'll never get a Daily Feature though. I've been lucky enough to get three, myself. It mostly depends on when you submit.

Hooray for daily second!

Ouch. Better luck next time.

You really deserved it, but second is still good. I don't think daily features or scores even mean anything anymore though, now the mindless new voters just five anything that looks like it might be funny, and don't even finish playing/watching before reviewing.

Half of it is luck for sure. You never know who is submitting what on certain days.

Greetings, jmtb02!

We just thought you'd like to know that the following submission(s) have been uploaded in the last Grounds Gold day by author(s) that you have marked as favorites in your profile:

* Inquisitive Dave, by Eddy Larkin (Paranoia)
Suitable For Ages 17+.
Rated 4.09/5.00 (1,108 votes, 12,694 views), uploaded on 07/16/2008 at 05:59 AM.

Hehe, I feel a lot better now :p

so close! keep trying

Ouch :(

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