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I know the PS3 has some MGS Online Knowledge center where you can look at what happened in all the MGS games and how they relate to each other or something.

Maybe video game designers should have critics comment on the game before its finished.

All of that is so true

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for lists.

I wanted to play MGS4 because I loved the third, but it's not really an option I've got because I don't see myself getting a PS3 anytime soon. I'm sure it's leagues better than Halo 3. Good list, anyhow.

Once I get the 500 bucks to buy a PS3. I will complain with you.

The disguised loading screen part reminded me of how Metroid hid theirs.

MGS 4 might not be the end in one of the big mama scenes she explains what happened in the past games and whats happening now " 4 boxes came on the screen with each of the MGS titles in them but after MGS 4 comes on the screen 2 other blank boxes come on the screen after MGS 4 0_0. possibility of 2 sequals?

by the way that snake crawling at the end bit made me cringe i never felt so sorry for a fictional character before, i agree with u paranoia on that part

Very true. It was still an awesome game, though. It still deserves a "game of the year" award. But the points you made are very true, and if they had been fixed, the game would deserve "best game ever" right over "LoZ: Ocarina of Time" and "Resident Evil 4".

ye, mgs substance wasn't the best thing in the world also. to short and to easy.

I so wanted this, but the PS3 costs crazy money.
I actually feel better after readin this list. Some of the fan-service sounds bloody stupid. Psycho Mantis is in it? What the hell.

TWO codec guys? WWAAAAAAAA??

You look familiar.. not that I would know you since you live across the ocean from me but I'm pretty sure I know somebody that looks like you.. HMMMMM

Kojima's game design is unique. He works story elements into the gameplay. While I don't think some of them are well done it's nice to see that he appreciates gaming as an artform rather than a medium to have muscular guys shoot one another.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the loneliest games I've ever played. Never have I felt so depressed to be a character. And it's intentional. The two codec contacts? Who would want to talk to Snake, he's old. They have their own issues to worry about.

The reason Kojima makes all these references to previous games is because he wants to establish familiarity to a subject and then build upon it or dash it. When you start playing a Metal Gear Solid game you enter it with expectations about the gameplay, the story, and the characters. He uses this to his advantage in order to enhance the experience. It's not so much part of the story as it is part of the gaming experience. It makes you feel certain ways about concepts automatically.

There are a lot of issues I have with MGS4 but a lot of the thing you touched on were made the way they were intentionally. Whether that enhances the experience or not for anybody is subjective. Personally I'm more of a "games should be fun, not work/movies" kind of guy but there is a lot of what Kojima does that I can appreciate. He's one of the few people who sees the potential in gaming as an expressive medium.

I appreciate what a creative genius Kojima is - he's a better director than all but a couple of film makers, let alone game developers. With MGS4, though, I get the feeling that he lost sight of the forest for all the trees. The game felt like it had such massive potential, but his brilliance just shone through in short bursts, instead of being constant and dazzling.

It was just one of those games which left you wanting so much more out of it, which isn't a good way to end a series. If there'd been a MGS5 planned for after it, I'd probably feel a lot more positive about it.


Did you even see the true ending of the game, where Big Boss is actually alive? God I shed tears at that part. You probably saw this part, just making sure you didn't skip the credits or anything.

I found that quite a bit of your list was ture, but yet there were parts in there that were intentional/not quite true

the mission briefing can basically be summed up into one codec call from Otacon, but it usually is. as for you saying that alot of the missions were easy, you either played it on Liquid Easy or Naked Normal, or you're a pro at video games and either play games 24/7 (metaphorically speaking) or you practice, practice, practice quite a bit. me myself, I played it on Solid Normal and found it quite challenging for myself, but I'm usually a party/fighting genre guy.

the only thing that really bugged me was when you beat any of the B&s, Drebin would call you on the codec, and give you this 10 minute explaination of them, I mean yeah it's nice to have a backstory of the character, but shouldn't I be able to watch this on the main menu if it's so god damned long?

"There are a lot of issues I have with MGS4 but a lot of the thing you touched on were made the way they were intentionally."

Re-reading the list, I'm pretty sure that Paranoia knows that everything mentioned was intentional. However, just because it was intentional doesn't mean that nobody should have a bone to pick with it.

Hell, if that were the case, nobody could bitch to Denis Dyack about his awful camera system in Too Human.

Fact of the matter is this: the formula in the MGS series took a wrong turn and headed straight off a cliff.

As a game, there's very little to any at all sneaking elements that the series established itself with. In exchange, we get a very stiff third person shooter by today's standards. Some Acts in the game completely ditch anything Metal Gear Solid related, especially Act 4.

As a story, more than half of the elements could be removed and the player's perspective would be completely unchanged. The B&B segments were completely redundant and the setting changed so quickly that any immersion was almost impossible. Imagine having to get up in a movie theater because an intermission occurred every twenty minutes.

Then there are several other small nitpicks: the FIVE mandatory installs, slowest load times in the series, mundane segments including the button-mashing microwave hallway and the INSANELY stiff overhead brawler final boss fight...

I know, I know, all of this is my opinion. However, it's my opinion that landed this game on my shelf as it continues to collect dust, and no amount of rebuttal will make me change my mind.

But just allow me to say this... It really pains me to say all this, because MGS 1-3 were some of my favorite games ever =(

no online

I think Shagohod has no point, and It's the most retarded, Japanese thing ever. But still, I <3 MGS3