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Progress and websites

Posted by Paranoia - April 10th, 2008


Some of the more observant viewers might have noticed that the game I promised around New Year is still not out. Trust me on this one - I've been working my bollocks off for it.

Right now I'm about half way through making the final boss (which still leaves all the secrets and super-secret-final boss to make), and getting this finished is my top priority. I've set myself a target for at least one screen or cut-scene a day, and I'm bloody well sticking to it, if not exceeding it. It's ahead of coursework and revision as far as commitment to getting it done is concerned, not to mention completely butchering my social life. I'm determined to get it done before my birthday, at which point I'll probably spend the remainder of the year drunk to make up for all the effort I'm putting it in now.

I don't like to quote statistics, but here's an idea of how big this project is: It's got over 90 screens at this point (including about 20 cut-scenes), and I want to give it at least ten more. There are currently 9 bosses (though a few of those have several stages), 15 secrets, and I'm sticking a couple more in too. I've managed to keep the library less than 1,000 items large by creative use of graphics, but it's still just shy of 800, and my class folder looks like the neatest paper-factory explosion in human history.

Just for the curious of you, here's a plot summary: You're the uncharacteristically altruistic vampire lord of a large land. Some younger guys decide to take over your kingdom. You have to go on two seperate chains of levels to take out the main guy's underlings (a bit like the second disk of Oddworld:Abe's Exodus if anyone played that), before you can head back to your castle and take out the big man himself.

On another note, due to a kerfuffle with my hosts involving several changes of hand, I've lost my old domain name. My new site is at brainflay.net, and that should be up at the same time as I release my game.

Anyway, I'm using up my Front Page post for this ego-trip. Just to demonstrate my commitment, I'm pulling a Tom as of last weekend and not shaving, or indeed washing my hair in the morning, until I've got this, my site, and all coursework finished. Observe:

Progress and websites

Comments (6)

OMG, There's someone behind you trying to get in!

Shit, thanks for the warning!

hello i see your site.. hmmm.. Im a Web Designer can i develop it??? just for free.. PM me dude... tnx....

You wouldn't look so bad if ya got a mullet ya know. :3

Anyway "9 bosses" sounds good to me. My fav part of games is the bosses. : )

Nobody would look bad if they got a mullet :/

my hair is longer.

thus, i am better than you.


ew man, no hair washing? I didnt think tom was doing that too, or are you just one upping him?

any way cant wait for the game!

I'm still washing it :s Just not until I've spent all morning coding.

Huh, your hair is so straight.

The game sounds pretty rockin', and I look forward to playing it.

Also, I'm sorry, but the hair and the pen in the mouth just reminded me of this...

<a href="http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff233/12AnimeFan12/Death%20Note/Mello/CutePictureofMello.jpg">http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff 233/12AnimeFan12/Death%20Note/Mello/C utePictureofMello.jpg</a>