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On why I've done bugger all lately and what else to expect

Posted by Paranoia - December 31st, 2007

Well, I've not submitted anything for a good long while (while inexplicably being still able to make Front Page posts) so some kind of status update is probably in order. I've been falling behind a little as far as making stuff goes, but I do have a project under way and have been working on it for several months now.

It's a ridiculously over-ambitious platform-adventure game which is going to have tonnes of levels, even more secrets, and more bosses than you can shake a decompiler at. It is also a sequel to my disappointingly rushed and inefficient Halloween Game of 2006 - since vampires and Gothic themes are always cool, I figured I'd make a much better job of it this time around. Eventually. It's completely new, fast, AS3, and pretty satisfying to be working on.

So, I'm just shy of half way through making that (or a third if you count all the extra stuff I want to cram in), and probably will be working a lot harder on it from now on, so expect that within the next few months. Some time before summer, at any rate.

For the time being, though, I've still got a decent selection of games and movies - some good; others not so good. If you've got a couple of hours to kill, I suggest playing my last over-ambitious platformer, which also took a bit of time to make, and really picks up in terms of awesomeness in the last level and a half.

I'm aware that I'm stroking my own ego quite violently here, but sod it; this is my news post. Since I've got no real previews, I leave you with this collection of screenshots from what is looking to be a most excellent game.


On why I've done bugger all lately and what else to expect

Comments (8)

PM me when you have it finished, will try to check it out when it is done.

Have a good day sir.

Looks as if it's going to be pretty cool.

Look and sounds awesome. Cant wait to see it :3

Nice screenies! Are you doing the art yourself?

Yeah - I'm working on being self-sufficient ;P

Awesome! i can't wait till this is submitted :)


darknessdweller wuz here.

sweet! i'm adding u to my favorite artist list so i get an email that u have submitted it.