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Really cool app

You've got everything looking really good :d The only thing it could use is some more left-field visualisation ideas and by the sound of things some extra compatibility - other than that great job!

Archawn responds:

Thanks for the review.

Pure genius!

It's amazing how fast NG reacts to these updates :P

SuperAppendixMan responds:

It's amazing how much effort it takes to crappily draw a dick


Best April Fools ever :P

jmtb02 responds:

Your the best around! Nothing's ever going to keep me down!


This was so enjoyable :P And I think Luis is officially Newgrounds' bitch at this point.

Is the bonus character going to be in the actual CC game? ;)

BoMToons responds:

We don't know the secret roster of bonus characters to CC, Luis just made these guys up. I hope they put in the FAB knight though :D

Lovely as always :P

The animation, style, art and scripting were all beautiful as always. A little too beautiful, possibly - my brain has a bit of a sickly feeling since playing it :s

Anyway, just a few minor criticisms - some of the effects (i.e. the eggs) stayed around a little too long and seemed to get in the way. Also, I think you could have shortened the stomp animation, made the stomp itself instant and increased your acceleration, all of which would have made the controls feel a lot more responsive.

Those things aside, though, it's a brilliant game to look at and a pretty fun one to play.

Buzzwerd responds:

The eggs were a mistake. I tried to duplicate the effect achieved in many console games without taking into account the fact flying objects are usually little energy balls and not big opaque eggs. When I started off I was a cartoon animator, and even after so much experience its hard to cut frames out for the sake of playability, I'll try to improve on that though. Thanks for the critique, its highly appreciated.

Nice game, emo :)

Cool idea, great execution. The style really shoots it. The only thing is the auto quality option gets really annoying. Can't you have it take the average from the last thirty or so frames rather than react to every small drop or rise?

Other than that, it's great :)

Rustygames responds:

The auto quality can be switched off by going to the poptions menu (press P)

Great game, Clanger :)

Even if the sound track was a bit like for a porn film.

It was smooth, challenging but not frustrating; flexible and really fun to play. The levels were all pretty unique, and you could write rude words out!

It's a winning combination!

Claxor responds:

Porn music and rude words, what more do you need? :D

Awesome gamt Toast (and other guy)

It's really addictive in its simplicity. And the bird killing is a nice touch >:D

But when will we be seeing the doll porn!?

Toast responds:

Soon, don't worry :) It's gonna be very interactive with much doll nudity. ^^
By the way you mispelled game :P


It's pretty good

It's not a totally revolutionary idea. All these new fangles bitmap functions are good for something :) But it was quite entertaining.

EliteNewbie responds:

bitmap functions ftw :D

I downloaded Flash 8 :D

This game was great! Okay, it was a little repetetive but you never can get bored of killing all the sort of people who gave this a 0 after failing to download Flash 8.

Make something even better out of this! </advice>

Teee-Haych responds:

Thanks alot :) I really do appreciate positive reviews for this. I'll probably make something bigger with the engine in the future, after I've finished my project with Ninja Chicken.
Thanks again

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