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"All I wanted for Christmas was world domination and you failed to deliver it"... Oh man, this wins just for the laugh that got.

It's funny because Wade bans people :P

Not only does the music not fit...

It's horribly unoptimised as well. Next time, stream your audio and don't have it at its highest quality. Maybe then you'll have a little consideration for all of those poor 56K connection guys.

Damn man!

You're stuff just keeps getting more an more awesome! I was a little worried that this was going to be a rehash of the old stuff (which would still be pretty damn kickass), but no! Head fights! Train crashes! Everyone going spare in every way imaginable! Shit, I may as well go to sleep now because there's no way anything else in my day is going to top this! You, sir, are a creatively violent genius!


Pretty good :)

Your sound quality is amazing for a Flash - you got an expensive microphone or something? The animation is also very smooth and the voice acting was good. The only problem was that it didn't have a stop(); action or replay button at the end - it just started over again. They're not that hard to script - google should turn something up very fast.

Hexjibber responds:

I have stuck a replay button at the end, with a menu and a link to the menu at the start. Hope that makes it a bit more easy to navigate.
Yeah, I did use a really nice mic to record it, in a sound studio. Thanks for the feedback.

Cock jokes :P

This is exactly like the sort of thing Stamper would make. Funny, that...


Nothing beats a good ol' fashioned themed submission day. This was pretty quality too :P Is there gonna be a collection for these?

OMG dude!

This was like... the most fucked up thing ever! Like, it went past the point of amusing parody, through the barriers of decency, throught the barriers of indecency and ended up in a realm of pure lolgasm! I mean, this was like 20% more lolgasm than the origonal. You deserve a medal!

It's always the same isn't it?

You make a nice, not too subtle comment on something and people have to go and find about sixty different meanings behind it. How many peole are cinvinced that this is about Pokemon? :P


ZP kicked ass way back the haloween before last. I got good memories of that shit.

Your teasery thingy was pretty neat too man.


I can walk away from this an informed man! Those darned gays and their zany cancer causing antics :P

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