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Have you considered doing the voices and animation for your brother's games? You could make a most epic team.

High-off-cheese responds:

he never wants to let me animate his games

Pretty good :)

Your sound quality is amazing for a Flash - you got an expensive microphone or something? The animation is also very smooth and the voice acting was good. The only problem was that it didn't have a stop(); action or replay button at the end - it just started over again. They're not that hard to script - google should turn something up very fast.

Hexjibber responds:

I have stuck a replay button at the end, with a menu and a link to the menu at the start. Hope that makes it a bit more easy to navigate.
Yeah, I did use a really nice mic to record it, in a sound studio. Thanks for the feedback.


Lots of luff <3

Starberry responds:

in a world


Minimalisarion, heh. Rather funny, somehow...

AlbinoClock responds:

sdl'hjdsh;'jhdjs;'hjdh'j <3

Have my babies Mr Kepple

Wow, how much more awesome can you get than a non stop, never ending (Or at least it seems so while watching) stream of quality animations. You are truly one of the best animators submitting to this site!

What a shame then that the ASing was so goddamn flimsy. A trained chimp could come up with better for the menu than the apparent button you used. It even skipped over it if the mouse moved too fast. >:|

(PS: Not wanting to upse any religious types, you're still about 100 times better than God)

TmsT responds:

I know next to nothing about A-script, but I don't see the problems you're having with it. Try installing Flash 8.

Amoung the best parodies ever!

You got a weird artish flash, plus D-Day and all related BBS themes! What more could you ask?

SaintSaga responds:

I gave you a Panda!, yeah what else?! , the only thing missing is a bush parody and Arnhuld

Who needs a storyline!?

This looked great! I hadn't a clue what it was about but whatever!

(Some people are such morons)

Oh and the last screen = lol.

Kialom-box responds:

-paranoia- says:
:(Some people are such morons)

You got that right, lol.

Now now

Would Inglor really want you to use His name to promote hate over groups of people like this? You forget His teachings of luff.


MessiahClock responds:

But Inglor is the Prince of Peace, keep in mind he harmed no soul, not even an emo.

Another shiny turd for Guardian

Congratulations! That makes... how many now?

Starberry responds:

what 6 i think?

Insert preloader here

This reminds me of a slightly poorly done version of some animutations... Very weird. Not too bad...

Just do a preloader next time

CDog115 responds:

there is a preloader, but it loads during the little intro thingy since it is so small.

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