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Not too great

For what's supposed to be a tutorial, you basically just tell people to copy and paste code. You also tell people to use the V-Cam (an animating tool) for games, which is a really good way of messing things up and rendering stuff like a GUI unavailable.


This was so enjoyable :P And I think Luis is officially Newgrounds' bitch at this point.

Is the bonus character going to be in the actual CC game? ;)

BoMToons responds:

We don't know the secret roster of bonus characters to CC, Luis just made these guys up. I hope they put in the FAB knight though :D

Lovely as always :P

The animation, style, art and scripting were all beautiful as always. A little too beautiful, possibly - my brain has a bit of a sickly feeling since playing it :s

Anyway, just a few minor criticisms - some of the effects (i.e. the eggs) stayed around a little too long and seemed to get in the way. Also, I think you could have shortened the stomp animation, made the stomp itself instant and increased your acceleration, all of which would have made the controls feel a lot more responsive.

Those things aside, though, it's a brilliant game to look at and a pretty fun one to play.

Buzzwerd responds:

The eggs were a mistake. I tried to duplicate the effect achieved in many console games without taking into account the fact flying objects are usually little energy balls and not big opaque eggs. When I started off I was a cartoon animator, and even after so much experience its hard to cut frames out for the sake of playability, I'll try to improve on that though. Thanks for the critique, its highly appreciated.

Kick ass

To think I only just found this through an audio page :P This might not be the best looking game on NG, but it sure is fun to play!

I saw my name at the end there too :)

Nice game - annoying ads

I hope you're getting payed a lot for those incredibly irritating in-game things, not to mention that ugly big sponsor banner.

Insanely fun :D

Pity it wasn't longer :(

I couldn't get anywhere...

I was playing for like ten minutes, and all I could do was move a short distance and waste all my weapons. Either this is a bug or you really need to make the game more self explanatory.

Also, you totally failed to credit your audio portal artist.

A schizophrenic episode inducing blob of awesome!

I thought this game was cool when I was going through the first level and the ground started moving. Then I got to the second level, and it was still cool, with those buttons and everything. The third level, though, it just about the most brilliantly surreal thing I have ever played :D I mean, it beats the last world of Pandemonium 2 any day of the week. Seriously, those great, disorientating changing backgrounds, the sound, that swirly thing, the sound, the shadow guys, the falling, the sound... And it just got better and better the further along I got!

I'm really left with a sense of being in love with this game. I've got the psychological equivalent of a hardon, and it's pointing towards this game, and pointing hard! I'd play it a few more times if it wasn't for the migraines.

Really nice job :)

Awesome sauceome game!

It's weird, though. I've got a solo game of exactly this genre that I was just gonna bug test and release today before I thought I'd better prepare for exams instead :P And I'm pretty sure it uses some of the same audio guys too.

Anyway, the graphics were the dictionary definition of immensity. Whoever thought up the colour schemes is a bloody genius. The coding was incredible too. The only real problem was the lag, but I'm blaming Macromedia for that rather than you guys.

Here's to AS3!

It kept crashing on me :S

Anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, I'm going to assume that was an error with my browser rather than one on your side.

The game was really fun and nicely scripted :) The graphics were awesome, and the sound matched up with them perfectly. There seems to be a lot of snobbery on this site when it comes to things with a childish feel to them, but that's probably just due to the fact that lots of reviewers tend to get like that when they stay online past their bed times. A few said that this was ripped off from something that I haven't played, but given the effort evident here it's probably safe to say that this is on the right side of the line between "inspired by" and "ripped off from".

Keep up the good work!

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