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Nice job, sticky!

I like this like an elephant likes ears!

I should send you both Janet Jackson CDs!


I love youre little pixel art. And you managed to get it running very smoothly even on my inferior little machine! The gameplay was great,m the sound was lovely, and pretty much every part of this entitles you to a big cash prize :)

Let down by coding

The artwork for this game was great, and from the start it looks like it's going to be a beautiful experience. Unfortunately when actually playing, the horrible, horrible, glitchy scripting totally rapes the experience. The jumping system is horrible, attacks can randomly just not do anything and a full list of bugs would take more time and apace to compile than I'm currently allowed.

If you took the ark you have here and either took some time to improve your own coding skills, or teamed up with someone who was good at it, you'd have a great game here. Unfortunately, as it stands, it's a total missed opportunity.

Fun game

The aiming system is nice and challenging, and the nuber of different body parts to aim for and varying stregnth add a lot of depth to it, as well as the fatality system. GG :)

Awesome game dude!

That soundtrack is just what I imagined a couple of Jeeveses playing volleyball with teapots to too :D

Had to be done :P

I liked Steve Irwin, and like almost everyone else was devastated about his death, but equallt I don't see any reason to censor things like this.

It's a bit tasteless, but it's not like the family are going to be discarding their grief by going to Newgrounds so close to the event.

For all the dumbfucks who think that death is an unreachable topic which shouldn't be looked at in this way, you should open your eyes a little. Countless numbers of people die daily, some peacefully, some naturally; some in pain and poverty, others in comfort. Giving special status to the death of one person simply because of his celebrity status by flaming to buggery something which takes some humour out of it is stupid and hypocritical, especially considering the number of works on this site where huge numbers of nameless, faceless targets are the victims. You can't change death, and if anything laughing in its face is going to soften the blow.

As a side note, I'd be pretty fucking chuffed if my death prompted lots of parodies like this.

It's a good idea.

Unfortunately the bat power ups come too often, plus with double hitting it's easy to get to like -100 misses. If you removed these two aspects, say making extra lives and power ups appear much less often, it'd be a really challenging game.

Still, full points for the concept :D

Awesome gamt Toast (and other guy)

It's really addictive in its simplicity. And the bird killing is a nice touch >:D

But when will we be seeing the doll porn!?

Toast responds:

Soon, don't worry :) It's gonna be very interactive with much doll nudity. ^^
By the way you mispelled game :P


lol, interesting

It's pretty hard :s I had o resort to tapping repeatedly to get it to respond. Could we be seeing the birth of new form of gaming?

Very very cool

This was every bit the classic space shooter! Great pixel art, and the fight against all the shadowy ship thingies was just pure awesomeness! Rock on!

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