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Awesome coding!

It just shows what you can do with a good grasp of scripting and a little imagination. The concept and physics were brilliant, and while it wasn't exactly a full length game it was certainly impressive enough to be fun. Good job!

Loved the old skool music style :P

Awesome game!

Really, it looked great and the puzzle and FPS elements mixed perfectly. Gratz!

Awesome game, TD!

I'm loving the engine :P The music was great, too. Not to mention the layout.

Another awesome game, jimbot :P

Once again you've come up with some cool, weird, seizure inducing trip of colours, spinng things and cool scripting. Good job!

Immesne game!

Seriously, amazing work! The scripting and graphics were superb enough alone, but together they just combined to form some great big mass of awesome! That this only got Daily Second with a score of like 3.9 both shocks and terrifies me.

Awesome game

I love your art style :)

The engine was great, the style and sound were both adorable, and it's proof that a game doesn't need some contrived attempt at appealing to an adult audience to be awesome.

(How's a toddler going to play a platformer?)

Awesome game!

It's everything this type of game should be: It's smooth; it's not too simple and not too complicated and it doesn't outstay its welcome. Great job!

(Also, I'm sure pretty much all of your enemies have been in either Final Fantasy or Breath of Fire before...)


Nice game, emo :)

Cool idea, great execution. The style really shoots it. The only thing is the auto quality option gets really annoying. Can't you have it take the average from the last thirty or so frames rather than react to every small drop or rise?

Other than that, it's great :)

Rustygames responds:

The auto quality can be switched off by going to the poptions menu (press P)

Simply an awesome submission

The animation and art were fantastic - soo cute ^.^ And the engine itself was spectacular. It all blended together brilliantly, and it was great to play.

It lagged a bit for me, but given the quality of the engine and graphics you probably did all you could to reduce that. Keep up the amazing work!

Great game, Clanger :)

Even if the sound track was a bit like for a porn film.

It was smooth, challenging but not frustrating; flexible and really fun to play. The levels were all pretty unique, and you could write rude words out!

It's a winning combination!

Claxor responds:

Porn music and rude words, what more do you need? :D

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