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Nice job!

My Inglor maker scored more than your Inglor maker :P

I like the selection of stuff here. Heck it's one of the drag and drop dress-ups I actually ENJOYED playing.

Rantzien responds:

Hehe, thank you! I liked yours as well! =)

Thanks for the review, Happy Inglor day! <3

I founderised teh Easter Egg!

Heh, this has style I'll give you that :P


A tutorial by someone who can't get a preloader

elephunt responds:

i can get a preloader i just think theyr gay :)


I love this sort of game! The jumping takes a bit of getting the hang of but the graphics are great and i love the way each level is unique. MAKE MORE!!!

It looked impressive but...

It was real buggy and not great to play...

Great tutorial...

But for the rotation (eg. the swirl) you could just have put two identical keyframes with a motion tween, and set the rotation to eg 1 clockwise in the properties for the tween. Still good though :D.

Helbereth responds:

Hmm... never heard of that particular function.

Anyway, thanks for the review!

It seemed a bit slow to me :(

My CPU is crying because of you...

Good but

A little anticlimatic. And not in a humerous way wither.


It didnt's seem too 3D. Or firebally for that matter - you coul have at least animated it. All you've done is taken a not too unfamiliar type of game and put it at a different camera angle, thus totaly subtracting the fun element of this type of game: props to crash into. Fill effects are beginning to look a bit on the crap side too... Still, better script than I could do...


Note that I said it was only kinda 3D, and put 3D between apostrophes to add a layer of sarcasm to it. And believe me, I couldn't animate fire for my life. I'm sure you'd much rather it were static than poorly animated. And it wasn't really intended to be a fireball at first - I just drew a circle and picked a color for it. I only called it a fireball because it sounds better than 'Weird orange thing Launcher'. Plus, I was going to make it a missile originally, before realising I can't draw one, or make it bounce.

The gradient looks 'crap' because I softened the fill edges. It's the only decent way of fading stuff out in Flash, and it's meant to seem as if the background is stretching into the distance, like in real life. If it just stopped abruptly, it would completely ruin the perspective.

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